About us

Since 2010, IMAR SECURITY has been in the business of protecting South Florida with a broad range of security services. imar security is a member of the American Board for Certification in Homeland Security. With extensive training in Israel, IMAR SECURITY trains local personnel with the latest techniques to excel at protection of residential and commercial properties.
Founded by Meir Amram and his father victor Amram, PhD,today director of operations and training imar security counts with more than 40 years of experience in the prevention and investigation of crime. In 1998, Venezuela nominated Mr.Victor Amram to the position of Secretary General of the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL). Having served nine years as the Director of the University of Criminal Justice in Venezuela, Mr.Meir Amram was the leading authority in investigating cases related to narcotics and kidnappings situations. Mr. Amram holds degrees in Forensic Sciences, Psychology and certifications in the State of Florida as a security officer + instructor, private investigator + instructor and recovery instructor. Currently, Mr. Amram teaches Law Enforcement in Dade County. Recently received the Master in National Security, Nova University USA.
Victor Amram advised and work voluntarily for CAIV of Venezuela and consequently its affiliated congregations to the Jewish Confederation. Likewise, he provided support to Jewish communities in countries like Brazil and Panama,venezuelas and more.

Our offices

Our security offices have completed our training and have been certified by the State of Florida. Their licenses need to remain active for the duration of the contract. They all have previous experiences in police work and criminal investigations.

I.M.A.R Security can provide:

  • Armed and/or unarmed guards.
  • With uniform, without uniforms or incognito guards.
  • Professionals with a lot experience in security.
  • Walk and car  patrols around the perimeter of your facility.
  • Random inspections of your facility by imar security  management staff.
  • Customized training of the security officers to better protect your facility.
  • Free consultation 24/7 concerning any other security issues that might present.
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