The I.M.A.R Security company, complies with the protection of personal data and ensures the proper functioning of personal data, for this, the person will always be asked if he authorizes the sending of personal data and will be informed if he is aware of it, As the rule says, the client will be informed about the process of protection of personal data, these privacy policies are addressed to all the owners of such data, they also have the right to request rectification, cancellation or opposition or purpose of treaties.

Therefore, people are informed of the Data Protection Policy, to make possible the provision of our services, as a company and as a customer, keep in mind that you will always have at your hand the modification and cancellation of our services.

Company data

Welcome to the policies and rights as a web browser, we inform you, the I.M.A.R Security website based in Tampa, Florida, with registered office at 5111 Rolling Hill Ct Temple Terrace Florida 33617, (Tampa), is the owner of the page web:, with email and with website activity: (, shows advertising and services with recommendations of affiliated products.

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Our website: may contain links or links to other pages of third parties, therefore we can not compromise with the content of these websites, we inform you of said third parties, please take them into account at the time you enter these links or links that you will find on our website.

Therefore, we recommend that you carefully read the conditions of use, privacy policy, legal notices and / or similar of these websites.

Data Consent

Always keep in mind that we will always ask for your permission to request your personal data or consent to collect your data.

At the time you access this website, you assume the rights and obligations you obtain as a user.

Access to data on behalf of third parties

Remember that we manage third parties that are data providers that manage their own and corresponding privacy conditions.

You can rest assured of your data, since third parties will not be able to use the information related to your data, since they are a matter of personal data protection.

Cookies policy

We inform you that this page handles cookies, at the time of starting on our website you will find an information notice, which will indicate that the page handles cookies.

Legal warning

Upon entering this website we inform you that you will assume the user conditions, therefore our Legal Notice will affect you directly as a user of this website. Therefore, it is important that you read all the information we provide to facilitate any questions you may have, remember that this information will always be found on our website in case you have any questions.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The content and use of this website will be governed by Estados Unidos legislation.

Unless expressly prohibited by law, for the resolution of all litigious issues arising from the use of the website, the user agrees to submit to the jurisdiction and jurisdiction of the Judges and Courts of Estados Unidos.
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